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  • Many students ask us about the gear we use, and although we believe there're several great systems available, we really believe in the Comp-tac products. One of our instructors "Bryan" has a great online store that stocks the holsters, fast mags, and belts that we use and recommend from Comp-tac, Hogue, and others, visit his website here. Bryan will be happy to get you into the correct gear first time around.
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TDSA Canada is a firearms training academy based in Southern Ontario. We offer a number of courses, including advanced pistol and tactical rifle courses. Registration for the 2016 season has opened. This season we will be hosting courses at the Silverdale Gun Club.

Shooters often ask if TDSA training is primarily for competitors or for the average shooter. While we train numerous competitive shooters we also train law enforcement, military and civilians who want to improve their shooting skills. Our unique training format teaches speed and accuracy with your firearm.

Our class average increase in speed and accuracy is now over 40% per class. This is for all shooters, seasoned competitors, law enforcement, military or civilian. We have a very objective way to measure your improvement over one day of training. The take away message is everyone, no matter what their skill level, improves significantly.

Please register early for the course that works with your schedule so you can guarantee your spot. Our courses are limited in size to maximize the training opportunity. Please take time and register early! We want to THANK all our past and present students for their support. We look forward to seeing you at the range.


"As a member of a Police Service & the Canadian Forces I would highly recommend this course for anybody who wants to increase their skill set in the use of Pistol & Tactical Rifle..."

"The deliberate sequencing of skills with low student to instructor ratio was instrumental in my achievement..."

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