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Precision Rifle 1

The goal of this course is for the student to learn the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting and become capable of shooting a 1" group at 100 yards by the end of the course.

This course will be shot entirely from the prone position. It is highly recommended that you bring a shooting mat.

The course will focus on the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting, including, but not limited to:

  • Getting a solid zero
  • Natural point of aim
  • Breathing
  • Trigger control
  • Follow through
  • Recoil management

Additionally, several topics will be discussed to give the student the proper tools to continue to develop their rifle skill set beyond the day of the course, including, but not limited to:

  • Dry fire training approaches
  • High angle theory
  • Rifle cleaning and maintenance
  • Ballistics
  • Optics - all of the varieties and choosing the best optic for your application

These fundamentals will be developed through various exercises and students will be challenged in a rich learning environment. Students will learn the concept of “calling” shots and evaluating their results to develop solid training skills and habits.

This course is designed for range shooters, hunters, and competitors and is open for everyone.

The course will be taught by competitive rifle shooter Travis Derouin, who has attended several rifle schools in the US and Canada, including Thunder Ranch, Rifles Only, K&M and more. Travis has competed in several national level precision rifle events including the Steel Safari, Sniper's Hide Cup, GAP Grind, NSCC and more.

The recommended firearm is a scoped, bolt-action rifle in a short action calibre (.223, .308, etc.) along with 120 rounds of ammunition. Please contact TDSA for other firearm requests.

Ammunition Guidelines - please read carefully

We urge students to buy the best ammunition they can for the course. If you are a hunter, please bring the ammunition you will be hunting with. Quality ammunition will ensure you will come away from the course learning the most you can.

Not Recommended Ammunition:

  • MFS
  • Norinco
  • Wolf Performance Ammunition (not to be confused with our friend's Wolf Bullets)
  • Remington Core-Lokt
  • Generally, any surplus ammo
Good Ammunition:
  • Federal Blue Box
  • Winchester Grey Box
  • American Eagle FMJ
Recommend Ammunition
  • Federal Gold Medal
  • Hornady Custom Match
  • Typically, anything with a Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) projectile.

Classes are limited to 10-12 students to ensure more personal, one-on-one attention.

Registration is on a first-come, first serve basis. The course will run rain or shine. Lunch is included on course-day.

Tuition: $275.00 + HST

There will be no cancellation refunds within 30 days of the class.

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